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The Million Dollar Experiment


Total Collected as of September 1st 2010 !

The $1,000,000 Dollar Experiment
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So why are you here?

Maybe you found me on Google...

Perhaps you found a link to this page somewhere and thought this looked cool?

Or maybe you don't know how you got here... and perhaps it was merely fate... I dont know.

I must admit, I am ecstatic that you're here right now. Seriously, I'm jumping up and down like a 13 year old girl who just got asked to the middle school dance by the cutest boy in school *OMG*... not really. However, I appreciate you taking 5 minutes out of your life to come visit me.

Contrary to all of the "Donate Now" buttons scattered across this website, I made this page for you. No this isn't some type of gimmick, you are here for a reason. If you've had the time to find this page, and have actually read this far... We need to have a serious talk.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE!? Life is so short and right now you are reading a website about a guy (me) who you believe is trying to make a million dollars off of hand me outs. Why do you care, at least I'm doing something to improve my life... What are you doing at the moment?

This Is The Wake Up Call!

Life is only approximately 30,000 days long, and that's only if your extremely fortunate. Cherish each and everyone of these days, because when it's over... Life as you know it ends.

What are you doing today, to make yourself a better tomorrow? What are you doing right now that will make all of your dreams, hopes, and deepest aspirations come true? Well, before now you probably weren't doing much, but now your mind is focused on the task at hand... What do you want?

I want you to close your eyes for a moment, and deeply visualize everything that you've ever wanted in your life... Make this the most elaborate fantasy possible, and hold this thought in your memory forever. In fact, write down everything you saw in your head, and make it happen on paper, then execute. We live in a World where anything is possible, and anything you want can happen... Look at me, I made a website to generate myself luxury beyond my wildest dreams, and I barely did any work.

The lesson to be learned here is... Don't take your life for granted, make it the best one it can possibly be.

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